5 Tips to Look Good in Your New Year’s Eve Party

5 Tips to Look Good in Your New Year’s Eve Party
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With 2018 almost over we wanted to help you look as cool as possible when going to your New Years Eve party without looking like a tryhard.

We rounded up our top 5 tips you should do in order to look your best when that clock hits 12!

Casual Is The New Formal

We are living in an age where joggers are becoming more popular than jeans and hoodies are becoming a staple item when going out, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear formal clothes for parties, but rather find a mix between the two!

We LOVE using our Comfy As F*** hoodies with everything in our wardrobe and New Year's Eve won't be an exception! By layering it with a jacket of your choice you can make the outfit pop with little to no effort!

If you’re feeling like layering is too much hassle then you could consider going with the hoodie, a raw jean or chino, and your favorite sneakers. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look good! Always remember that.

Denim Can Up Your Style

When people think about denim, in general, they think of a clothing piece that can’t be used to with formal pieces, we’re here to grab that lie and throw it out the window!

“Distressed” denim could be considered impossible to style up since it looks beaten up and most of the time they have massive holes all over, but ‘raw’ denim is a whole other subject.

Raw denim, also known as dry or unwashed denim, is denim that has not undergone any of the usual washing and distressing processes. It comes straight off the loom and is cut and sewn into jeans and then sold to you. It is stiff with a deep blue color and has a distinctive sheen.

The pros of having raw denim are that you can get a jean with wear marks personalized to you rather than one with artificial marks, they also have a richer color which can make them look elegant.

The only downside? They are stiff AF which makes them a bit uncomfortable to use for the first few wears.

The color and cut make them perfect to style up since they can be mistaken for another fabric! This means you can wear them with just about everything in your wardrobe, even a hoodie ;)

If you’re rather looking for something that gives you a streetwear look, you should consider our Denim Jackets which are comfortable while still maintaining a high-quality standard!

Don’t Use Old-School Dresses

Aren’t you bored of waiting for the countdown with the same type of dress you always wear in December? Why not change it up a bit with a new style which can make your silhouette that more amazing?

Mini dresses have been cataloged as a clothing piece few women dare to wear because they think they can’t look good in them, the reality? Most women look good in a mini dress as long as they nail the fit!

If you’re slim you can get away with just about anything regarding your style, but if you have a square body then you should consider using a mini dress with a wider fit in order to make it drape and curve with your silhouette.

Mini dresses also look good with jackets of all types! Our favorite pick is a leather jacket since it makes us look that more badass ;)

Why Not Try a Festive Jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits have been growing in popularity lately with famous celebrities wearing it, but we want you to consider it not for its popularity but for its functionality.

Sure, you may have to take it all off if you want to go to the restroom, but it’s a small price to pay in order to use a clothing piece most girls won’t be using at a New Years Eve Party!

No more fear of wind blowing up your skirt or having to cross your legs every time you sit down!

Minimalist Shoes Can Make You Look Elegant

Already thinking of how much your feet will hurt after using high heels? Why not go for a different route and choose a pair of minimalist sneakers in a neutral color?

A white sneaker is a perfect pair for somebody who is looking to use their sneakers with everything they wear since they are versatile.

If you are looking to make a statement then you can go with a sneaker with an embroidered design. Although they aren’t as easy to use with all of your wardrobe as the plain sneaker, you can still rock them with just about anything if you choose a neutral color!

Be sure to find a sneaker that is leather rather than canvas so that you don’t have to waste that much time cleaning your shoes! Although leather sneakers cost a bit more, they are a better buy in the long run!

Do you think we missed a tip? We would love to hear them in the comments!


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